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Offset Printing

    Waterless printing does not use dampening solutions, which contain alcohols or petroleum-based solvents.
Such solutions contain more than 60% volatile organic compounds, which contribute to smog.
A waterless press eliminates the need for up to 100,000 litres of water and 10,000 litres of alcohol per year consumed by a typical mid-size printer.

Traditionally, printing is a huge consumer of resources, including chemicals, water and energy.

Many large presses can consume hundreds of thousands of water per year as part of the normal printing process. Waterless printing takes advantage of modern technology to reduce these environmental impacts. Notably, it uses Computer to plate (CTP) technology and silicon plates to eliminate chemicals and water all together. Many waterless printers also use Direct Imaging (DI) technology and vegetable-based inks exclusively to further reduce resource use, pollution and VOCs emissions.