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About Us

At EcoPrintCo
we are committed to provide our customers with a high quality eco-friendly alternative to commercial and general printing. We believe in first class customer service at affordable prices. We print on environmental accreted plantation recycle contented paper, using most environmental friendly printing methods and processes. If you have any printing needs, we would like to hear from you. Being environmentally printer is no longer just about recycled paper. From the forest to the finished brochures dropped into the earth happy along the way. Here are some of the ways we`re making our printing. Vegetable / Soy based ink Paper with recycle content Computer to plate (CTP) Waterless Printing Effective recycling of printing works

Green Approach Our environmental friendly approach
offset printing: 1. Chemical less process Pearl Dry CTP plate (Process plates without any harmful chemical) 2. Ink remove solvent for roller wash and all of our offset presses has been processed from waste cooking oil 3. Environmental accreted digital machinery from FujiXerox (C 5540i) 4. Heidelberg QMDI offset press. Fast make ready allow us use minutment set up paper sheets. 5. Roland Eco-solvent large format printing machine with durable Eco-solvent ink. Film lamination is not required. Save more unrecyclable waste.